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Present Day 
Burke County, North Carolina


Burke County is situated in the west-central section of North Carolina, where the rolling hills of the Piedmont blend with the Blue Ridge Mountains.  On the south side of Burke County are the South Mountains, to the west are the Blue Ridge Mountains, and is bounded by Catawba, Cleveland, Rutherford, McDowell, Avery and Caldwell counties.  

Nature plays an important role in the quality of life in Burke County.  The peace and relaxation surrounds the area, where you'll find your choice in fishing, camping and hiking.  Whether you are a visitor or a year-round resident, you'll find the best of both worlds here; a place where natural beauty and economic growth have been successfully combined.  You will find the western Piedmont region of the state is known for its mild year-round climate - where average temperatures in the winters are 40 to 50 degrees, and summers 70 to 80 degrees, rainfall averages 50 inches, and snowfall averages 8 inches.

Burke County is comprised of about 511 square miles, or 323,800 acres, and has a population in excess of 83,000; many of the residents coming from families that have made this area their home for several generations.  The largest landowners in Burke County are the U.S. Government, Crescent Resources (Duke Energy Co.), and the State of North Carolina.  The County also has the third largest concentration of state employment in the state through the North Carolina Department of Transportation, Department of Correction, School for the Deaf, Western Carolina Center, and Broughton Hospital.  Burke County has been referred to as the "Western State Capital."



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