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Original Records Available


Apprentice Bonds and Records, 1784-1908; 1 volume, 1 box
Bastardy Bonds and Records, 1777-1899; 1 volume, 3 boxes
Constables' Bonds and Records, 1782-1875; 2 boxes
Officials' Bonds and Records, 1778-1949; 1 box


Court Records -
County Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions

Minutes, 1791-1868; 13 volumes
Execution  Dockets, 1837-1840, 1843-1855; 3 volumes
Trial and Appearance Dockets, 1792-1857; 5 volumes

Superior Court

Minutes, 1830-1857, 1866-1907; 15 volumes
Execution Dockets,
Trial and Appearance Dockets, 1792-1857; 5 volumes

(I still have more to list, so please check back!)




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